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Faded Shapes
Card reading and energy healing testimonials

"Hi Coralie, thank you for the beautiful reading yesterday. The meditation that you did at the start was perfect – it felt relaxing, grounding, and I felt the loving presence of angels. The angels that came through for me were perfect for where I am in my life and my healing/growth.

The card reading was also very accurate for each of the areas of my life and it was affirming to see the work I have been doing show up within the strengths and the challenges. The strengths were beautiful reminders of how far I have come, and the challenges were perfect reminders of where I need to focus and how to access help and support. I love that in two heart positions I got "Surrender" and "Trust the Universe" – message heard loud and clear. 

Thanks again for the accurate, insightful, and supportive reading. It was great to meet you!"

 Amy C.

Alexa Young, CA

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