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Life Purpose Discovery Package

Discover your life purpose and live your soul’s blueprint!

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Contact me
  • Online over Zoom

Service Description

Coralie Sasada and fellow practitioner, Shubhra Venneti, have come together with their two signature services aimed specifically at helping you find your soul's purpose in this lifetime. Shubhra and Coralie will help you identify: - The most ideal way your soul would like to express itself in this world. - How your soul wants to contribute to this world and to whom. - The messages and guidance from your guides and angels. This package includes 2 sessions of 75 minutes each: - An Astro-Akashic Records life purpose reading by Shubhra Venneti to give you insights into themes from your soul's blueprint and library to help determine your purpose in this lifetime. - A life purpose angel card reading with Coralie Sasada to reveal insights into one's true calling, talents and potentials with the outcome of gaining clarity and direction in one's life path. Come with an open mind and heart to receive guidance and wisdom from your Astro-Akashic Records and the angels on what you need to know regarding the expression of your soul's purpose. You can copy/paste in your internet browser the following link to read further details about this unique combo package and/or to book. We look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your spiritual path! Much love and blessings~

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