"I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first started working with Coralie and the Law of Attraction. I wasn't hugely into this kind of thing, but I was working towards some pretty big goals in my life and I strongly felt that she could help me. I am really happy I took the jump.

Working with Coralie has changed my life! I wake up feeling happy every day. And when I don't, I have techniques to help me get right back into my positive mindset. Coming from someone who used to have so many negative thoughts constantly running through my mind, this is HUGE. I now have the confidence to move forward and achieve my life-long dreams - my first one which happened during our sessions together. I started my own business, which was successful from day 1!"     

Terumi Okano

Happy Owner, Boston Tech Writer


"Coralie is a vibrant and nurturing coach—as well, she is a lovely and thoroughly positive human being. After working with Coralie I’ve come to a deeper understanding of the way the Law of Attraction works. I had no idea about the power of words (which is funny considering I’m a poet!) and the way that the words that form my thoughts shape my reality. After utilizing her guidance, my life has begun to change in amazing ways and I foresee great things in my future!"

Jennifer Jean


"I highly recommend my coach Coralie if you are hoping to overcome your personal challenges dealing with stress due to relationships, wanting to change your lifestyle, or improving your personal health.  Since her coaching, I have found myself in the path of a life that I have envisioned. I want to thank Coralie for her soothing voice that guided me to a positive direction. Your coaching has given me strength to use positive thoughts, vision and reinforcement. I have now incorporated healthier daily habits into my lifestyle which I feel good about. The biggest achievement I’m truly happy about is that I was able to relax and feel happier, which must have contributed to the conception of our first baby!!"

Aika Higashimori

"Coralie has worked like a true MAGICIAN in helping me attract my ideal home.

She has an extraordinary ability to make her client dig in, do the inner work and get crystal clarity on their deepest desires.

She put in sincere efforts in making me shift from all fear-based thoughts, worries, any type of lack to vibrate at a higher frequency to achieve my desires in totality.

Her ability to have a compassionate ear, yet being extremely systematic and determined in approach towards reaching her clients' goals are incredible.

She is deeply passionate in using her principles of law of attraction, coupled with unwavering faith in them, that helped me manifest my beautiful home, wherein I received everything I wished for and more."  

Priyanka Bhatia


"Coralie is an amazing life coach to work with. She is most dedicated and passionate about bringing out the best in you and making you shine your light. I highly recommend you to consider reaching out to Coralie to take you to the next level." 

 Rashida Abdul Hussain

"I had been struggling with figuring out how to implement daily self-care maintenance into my life after a series of difficult life circumstances had piled on top of me all at once. One of the more challenging aspects was finding how to work through painful emotions effectively, especially a feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling constantly behind in everything I had on my plate. I did a session with Coralie focused on learning EFT, also known as tapping therapy, and even with just this one new tool in my mental health toolbox I feel so much more empowered. I don’t know how or why it works, but working through feelings of overwhelm or stress through tapping genuinely helps me to pinpoint how I’m feeling, articulate and accept those feelings, and then release them. Through this process I found I was able to find positive reframes and a greater sense of competency in resolving my issues. Coralie has a bright and infectious radiance, and it was a pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend seeking out a coaching session with her if you’re finding yourself stuck or wanting to get out of a negative spiral. I am truly grateful for her guidance and positive energy through the coaching process!"    Jinae Higashino

"Life coaching sessions with Coralie was a mind-blowing experience for me. She guided me very patiently throughout the whole process to find the root cause for my emotions. I knew there were some aspects of me that needed to be worked with but I never knew that they were all connected. I feel like all the puzzle pieces are finally put together and I am very grateful to her great guidance.

In my session, I listened to my subsconscious mind, found the root cause of the negative emotion I had for a long time, and removed it from the root. It was the first time I ever felt free. Thank you Coralie for this wonderful experience of healing."   

Kazuko Sakura

“I can only recommend Coralie. She is such a great coach. She knows how to listen and helped me release my blocks and the limiting beliefs I was holding onto. After a week, I could already see the positive changes in my life. I have always kept my thoughts  to myself, not opening up and sharing what's on my heart. After one session with Coralie, I noticed that it became a lot easier to open up to others and express my opinions. All this after just a one hour coaching session.”  Jessica H. 

“ I can only say WOW! If you want to have a good night rest and be free of negative and limiting beliefs, you should try a session with Coralie.

Before starting my session I was so stressed and I had a lot of pressure on my neck and shoulders. After my session I felt at peace, all my worries were gone, and my neck and shoulder pain were all gone as well!

Taping is so powerful and Coralie did an amazing job to teach me how to do so. What I loved the most is how comfortable she made me feel. I felt like I could open up completely and even get out the most foolish thoughts I had, and she would listen and understand me.

I learned that my thoughts are so powerful and getting them out helps to dig deeper and discover so much more. And it’s just so liberating to get it all out at last. I’m so grateful. “      Unhae Margaret Wiesner